2 Best Video Streaming Services that Pays Off Your Money

2 Best Video Streaming Services that Pays Off Your Money

Video Streaming Services have made dramatic changes in the last few years and it is increasing every day now. One of the main reasons that Video Streaming Services have increased is the mishap of Covid-19. Because during Covid everybody was at their home and they feel quite bored sometimes what should they do that is where the rise of Video Streaming Services started.

All of the Video Streaming Services would know that when there was only a Netflix option they were quietly limited although it was good enough for them people wanted some more choices and that is also when this era of Video Streaming boosted a lot.

Also as the number of services increased then it was also become harder for Video Streaming Lovers to choose which service is best for them. In order to figure out this issue for video streaming lovers, we have come up with a list of the best streaming services that will be going to off their money. if you want to do Social Marketing you can look out for How Social Media Marketing Works?

We have focused on the budget of people as well as we have tried to not compromise on people streaming experience also lots of factors have been kept in mind while we were making this list so without any further discussion let’s start discussing them one by one.

List of 2 Best Video Streaming Services


Netflix without any doubt is one of the most popular video streaming services and also Netflix is ranked at the top if we compare it with any other streaming service. There are many reasons which make Netflix on top which include high-quality content, new content released, three different plans for users, and also the quality of the video as well.

Netflix’s success is also booming every day because they are adding Tv shows as well as movies in order to make a good viewing experience for their users and also the streaming of Netflix is Worldwide. This is one of the best things about Netflix it runs almost on every device which is connected to the internet and it doesn’t matter whether you are using its app or website.

If we talk especially about Netflix they are also encouraging their customers to not share their personal logins with others and the reason behind it is very much good enough because Netflix wants to get as many audiences as they can.

Let’s talk about the plan Netflix is offering to the US region. There are three plans. One is a basic plan which costs $9.99 and in the basic plan, Netflix offers a 480p video streaming experience to its users. And with the basic plan, you can only have single streaming available.

The Second plan is the Standard plan which costs about $15.49 and the standard plan is for those users who want to get a more good video experience because it offers HD video quality and with Standard Plan, you can have two streams at once. Lastly, there is Premium Plan which costs about $20 per month. With Premium Plan you get the best 4k video streaming experience. And with having Premium Plan users can get 4 video streaming at once. The pricing of all these three plans depends upon the quality of the video and also on the streaming possibly get as once.

Amazon Prime Video

Sometimes people compared Amazon Prime Video to the lite version of Netflix which is quite possible because most of the users haven’t used Amazon Prime video as much and due to this they have underestimated it. If you are Amazon prime video user and want to only get its video streaming service only then you can get it for $9 per month. But if you go for Amazon ad-free subscription service you will be quite amazed to know about it. You can purchase that subscription for either $15 per month or you can also go for $139per year.

It’s up to you totally which subscription suits you but we want to tell you some benefits of Amazon’s ad-free service. As you started this subscription you will be able to get more free shipping when you purchase more from Amazon. Also, it has more benefits which include music, games, books, and even groceries as well. Now it depends upon you which service is best for you but our suggestion is to go for an ad-free subscription.

Obviously, Amazon Prime Video has a different option than its rival Amazon which totally makes sense. The bonus point you can call about Amazon Prime video is that it doesn’t matter which subscription you get most of the videos at 4k and HD quality you don’t have to pay any extra penny like Netflix and which is obviously a good bonus for users as well as for Amazon Prime video service as well. Also, there is a rule of Amazon which states that you can get video streaming on two devices concurrently and also it allows offline viewing on Android, Fire devices, and IOS as well.

Both of these Video Streaming Services are in high demand among users and also making healthy competition in the market they are focusing totally on the quality and quantity of their TV shows and Movies as well and both of them are wanting to keep themselves on top always.

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