Emerging Technologies

2 New And Emerging Technologies You Should Know About

Today’s world is full of emerging new technologies on the daily basis. Every company, entrepreneur, and individual comes up with new ideas every day in order to make the advancement in technologies. The topic of this blog is totally related to those new technologies.

New And Emerging Technologies

It includes Augmented Reality(AR) and Virtual Reality(VR). Due to these technologies, we will be able to deal with the new kind of technologies. These technologies improve the way we work, we communicate and all of the tasks we do on the daily basis will also be changed when these new technologies occur.

You might have heard about the terms AR, VR, and Smart Glasses but today we are going to elaborate to you about these terms in a pretty easy and better way.

1. Augmented Reality(AR):

Augmented Reality AR

Augmented Reality technology helps to lay the 3D Objects and 2D Objects in the widget form, the desktop-like interfaces can be in the real-time environment or also the handwritten annotations. With the help of Cameras on smartphones, smart glasses, and tablets you will or you can visualize the information directly in any FOV(Field Of View). VR and AR are not the same. The species we are discussing here is AR.

Augmented Reality was discovered by Ivan Sutherland in 1968. The term AR generally refers to that technology that has blurred the line between the real world and the digital world. The concept of AR is now going to be used in education as well. The benefit of letting that in education is that it will give the students the new experience of learning in a useful way.

The students will be able to make this technology adaptable and it will help them to learn everything more easily and in a good way. This idea of AR will also be very much fruitful in every aspect of work in industries the AR technology helps them to work in the new experience and in a more good way in order to make a growth full of success.

2. Virtual Reality(VR):

Virtual Reality VR

In general, The peoples are very much confused between AR and VR and also they can’t spot the difference between them. They both are the kind of reality but they both provide different kinds of experiences. The term VR totally depends upon an Artificial Environment in which people be able to feel like the real world or real locations. Consumers like VR more than AR. The reason is that VR provides them with real and also the best experience that they can ever get.

Virtual Reality was discovered by Ivan Sutherland in 1968. The concept of VR was to make a source of entertainment for the people so that they can feel real-world places while sitting in their homes. The VR has also provided lots of games and due to this, the technology has also impacted a lot in the real-time world. This VR has also been used in the professional field like in hospitals.

There are applications based on VR which help doctors to learn in their field more efficiently and effectively to perform their job. With the help of these VR gears, the risk impact is reduced a lot, and also if people are in their home it takes fewer expenses and also the best experience for them in their life. The VR has some headgears which help its users to immerse themselves totally in this new world. Both AR and VR will help a lot of improvement and growth in every aspect of life for the people in the world.

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