3 Best Cloud Backup Services in World Right Now

3 Best Cloud Backup Services in World Right Now

Best Cloud Backup Services is what everybody prefers in this modern world. The reason is that these services help them to store and backup their data at any time and at anywhere. Microsoft OneDrive, Apple iCloud, Google Cloud, and Amazon Web Services are those that you might have heard of or have seen them.

These are considered as most popular names in the industry. But does this thing makes them the Best Cloud Backup Services? Not really. These services are not to be considered as Best Cloud Backup Services if we compared them with Professional and more specialized Cloud Service Backup providers.

As we all know that in today’s modern world Cloud Services are increasing very much and due to this reason many companies have claimed that they are providing Best Cloud Backup Services in present as well as in the future.

So we have come up with the idea to test all these Best Cloud Backup Services claimed by their companies and provide you with the actual Best Cloud Backup Services after our testing. We have explored almost all these services and their features including backup and restoration of data such as syncing, storage, and also mobile backup (if available.)

As we all know that the main purpose of any cloud service is to provide security and reliability of data we have also tested these things as well. After testing all these things we have come up with the list of Best Cloud Backup Services which are given below.

List of Best Cloud Backup Services


IDrive service is in one Backup Solution Service. The best thing about IDrive is that it lets its users backup their data on as many PCs, smartphones, and even MACs as they want. But here is the main thing about IDrive since it lets you connect with unlimited devices but it has the file size and data limit as well which means you can’t upload unlimited data.

But the best thing about IDrive most people don’t know is that they think like other Backup services IDrive only backups photos, videos, and documents and that is where they are wrong because IDrive lets you backup your entire computer including system image and drive.

The thing Which makes IDrive in the list of one of the Best Cloud Backup services is its privacy and security features. All the plans of IDrive also come up with backup scheduling, version retention, and mobile backup. The best thing about IDrive is also that it keeps 30 versions of every file or data that you backup to your account.

All of the data will be kept forever on IDrive unless you have decided to delete them. Some main features of IDrive are given below.


  • It provides backup on an unlimited number of devices.
  • It also has the feature of Multi-device syncing.
  • Its main feature also includes Snapshots from point-in-time data recovery.

Works with:

Windows, Linux, and Mac.

Apps available:

Android and IOS.


Acronis is considered one of the most secure backup tools in the market. The purpose of Acronis is all about the versatility and protection of your data. Acronis offers you more backup options like you can upload your entire computer, your entires images on your phone, and even you can upload your social media as well. It also offers you a continuous or scheduled backup at any frequency.

There is also an interesting thing about Acronis which is that it has active disk cloning which helps you to make copying your entire drive and also migrating your entire data from one device to another device. There are multiple restore options also available on Acronis. It includes full restore, individual file restore from your mobile phone or computer, and lastly Universal Restore which allows you to restore your entire data to another device.

But this Universal Restore option is only available. But the true image for Acronis which makes it apart from every other is its Cybersecurity which lets your data be more secure. Each plan of Acronis comes with antimalware protection and ransomware protection. And this makes it one of the best on the list of Best Cloud Backup Service

Some main features of Acronis are given below.


  • Acronis is one of the best combinations of cloud backup and cybersecurity.
  • You can even retain to 999 version of Acronis as well.
  • It also gives full device backup.

Works with:

Windows, and Mac.

Apps available:

Android and IOS.


Backblaze is one of the easiest Backup services for Beginners. And if you are someone who wants an easy-to-use, unlimited back and some cool features then Backblaze is totally for you. The best thing about Backblaze is that there is no complication to install you have to simply click on install and it will get started and it has zero configuration.

And the best thing about Backblaze is that when you learned it and want to customize it you have to simply go to your account and go straight forward to the Backblaze control panel and customize it.

Backblaze is designed only to backup user files like documents, and photos which simply means that you can’t backup application files or operating systems files. It means that Backblaze doesn’t offer an entire computer backup.

But the thing which makes Backblaze among the list of Best Cloud Services is that when you want to restore your protected data then Backblaze offers you more options than its competitors in the market. Even you can download a single file and send them to your computer and if you want to download multiple files and data is big then you can even make zip files and download them easily.

One thing that most users don’t like about Backblaze is that it even has available apps on Android and iPhone. You can only access files via the mobile app but you can’t make backups from your mobile.

Some main and interesting features of Backblaze are given below


Backblaze has only one price plan to pick from and by this, you can backup unlimited data as well.

One main feature of Backblaze is that it is very easy to install.

The main features of Backblaze also include unlimited backup of data and multiple restore options.

Works with:

Windows, and Mac.

Apps available:

Android and IOS (Only File Viewing).

This was all related to the 3 Best Cloud Backup Services in 2022 and if you want to see more blogs simply click here.

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