3 Best Keyboards for Writers

3 Best Keyboards for Writers

All great writers need great keyboards, so we will be showing you the 3 best keyboards for writers and authors that will help them to write smoothly as the generic keyboard or the laptop’s default keyboard won’t work for them. And if you are a content writer or you spent most of your time writing on your laptop or PC then we highly suggest you invest in some good and solid keyboards.

The reason we have said this thing is that for every person who is spending most of their time writing on their laptop or PC then all you need is accuracy, precision, and great response time. All these actors will help you a lot and even prevent unwanted distractions as well.

Another advantage of these keyboards is also that you can easily use them on any laptop or PC as well. We have tested so many keyboards in the past few months and then we have come up with the list of the best keyboards and all of them are perfect for writers as well.

All of them have some great things which will be going to discuss and we will even see the detailed reviews about them as well. So, without any further thing let’s see them.

List of best keyboards

Razer BlackWidow Elite

You might be thinking this is a gaming keyboard why would you invest your money in buying that because you think that it is for gamers who are so addicted to games? But this works perfectly for writers as well. And this is our top choice as well and the reason is very much simple this keyboard is simply perfect.

The basic thing about Razer Blackwidow Elite is that it comes with its traditional design and is not ergonomic. And the thing that we loved about it after using it is that its typing experience is way better than other non-technical keyboards as well.

Another thing about Razer Blackwidow Elite is that it comes with two variants. The first variant is the Silent one if you don’t want to hear any sound while typing then you should go for it but if you want to hear the “Click” sound while typing then you should go for the other variant. Both options are available while you go to buy them when you are placing your order must make sure which variant you want and then simply go for them. You can buy Razer BlackWidow Elite on amazon.

This keyboard is also very fast as well as durable for a very long time and we are very much sure that you will be going to like this pretty much. And even you can customize this as well.


ROCCAT Vulcan PRO is an award-winning keyboard and the reason we are choosing mechanical keyboards is that we know that they are the best choice. These are highly preferred for those writers who love to type.

This is also very fast as well as accurate and of this, the need for it is also increased. ROCCAT Vulcan PRO also has an amazing design as well and it also comes with a detachable palm rest. Some people don’t like it and think it is using more space so in order to solve that problem you can simply detach it there is an option too.

ROCCAT Vulcan PRO is also very much durable and the best thing about it is that it is a backlight keyboard which means that you can use it in any lighting condition with very ease as well.

Also, these keyboards don’t like much loudness then they would also go or it and the reason are very much simple they are not at all louder but not at all silent completely. They have very less sound as compared to other mechanical keyboards.

Yes, the pricing of the keyboards is pretty much high but if you are able to afford it then we will guarantee you that you will be spending a really high-quality time as well as the keyboard itself will last for years and years. You can buy ROCCAT Vulcan PRO on Amazon.

Cloud Nine Keyboard

Lastly on our list of best Keyboards is Cloud Nine Keyboard. This is also very good for writers. This Could None offers you an excellent mix of the top features of a mechanical and ergonomic keyboard. For those writers or people who want to prevent their hands from getting too tired then for them, Cloud Nine is the best choice.

Another best thing about it is that it is very helpful for those people who are having problems like Arthritis and RSI Symptoms. The body is the Cloud Nine is designed in such a way that you can split it into two parts with a distance of up to 8 inches on both sides as well.

This thing helps every one of its users to customize them according to their body posture and comfort as well.  And due to its split design, we have also seen that it is very much friendly for your shoulders and hands as well.

And the thing about this keyboard which we have already discussed is that this is Mechanical as well which means that Cloud Nine is extremely fast and accurate, and also it is a very pleasant experience to type on it. Another advantage of Cloud Nine Keyboard is that it comes with a set of 10 Macro keys on the left side which will help you to create as well as use some easy shortcuts that are available to you. All you need is to click on it once.

This is also a bit expensive but you know what it also has some features that you don’t even need and also it contains all the features that you need as well. And if you are able to try it one we are absolutely sure that you will love it. You can easily buy them on Amazon.

All of these keyboards are pretty good for writer and also helps them comfort typing on their laptop or PC as well. You can also look for 5 writing mistakes you need to avoid while content editing.

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