4 Best Password Managers We Can Use for Our Ease

4 Best Password Managers We Can Use for Our Ease

As we are living in the modern era of the internet and password managers are everywhere most of our tasks have been done digitally i.e. from online shopping sites to our banking applications everything needs passwords in order to secure our accounts.

Most people will think that it is a normal thing but here things get different when you have numerous accounts you will find it very hardtop remember the passwords of your online accounts.

We have seen this often most people like simple passwords or even their name and date of birth because they find it easier to remember. And also some people like to make the same password for all of their accounts as well and the reason is quite simple they remember a single password easily.

But if we talk about this password technique then this is not considered safe and the reason is quite simple there is a high chance of data theft in it. You will be probably thinking about what to do now. Don’t you worry we have come up with an alternative which is password managers which will help you to secure accounts.

The reason that password managers are effective is that they eliminate the factor of remembering and generating some unique passwords for your online account. Everything you can do with them and the best thing is that your data gets more secure.

So, we have come up with a list of them. They are available for both paid and free versions depending upon your choices. So, without any further discussion let’s dive into them.

List of best password managers


Our list of best password managers starts with LastPass and the reason behind it is that LastPass is one of the best when it comes to managing a password. This is even much more popular in the market and LastPass come with both paid and free versions as well. Last Pass helps you to store your login credentials and passwords safely and also help you to retrieve them anytime you want.

Another thing about Last ass is that you can simply view and as well as manage your passwords on your desktop and mobile with ease.

Another thing about LastPass is that if you want to use the free version of it then first you have to decide whether you want to choose it on a desktop or mobile phone. Let’s suppose if you choose desktop then you will be able to access LastPass on every desktop but if you want it on mobile then you have to upgrade yourself to the premium version.


The pricing of the premium version of LastPass is given below

  • LastPass costs $36 per year for the premium plan.
  • LastPass costs $48 per year for the Families plan.


1Password is a trusted as well as a high-quality app when it comes to managing passwords. 1Password is available for all devices and the one thing we want to mention about the app is that is not free you have to pay per year. Yes, if you want to try it before purchasing it you can try it for 14 days.

This app also comes with the storage of 1 GB of data and even an option of two-factor authentication through Yubikey in order to increase security.

This app also has features which you can access through ace id and touch id on IOS devices. The best thing about the app is the family plan in which five family members can access it and all have their own individual password vaults for saving data and making data more secure.


The pricing of the app is given below.

  • 1Password costs $36 per year for the premium plan.
  • 1Password costs $6 0 per year for the premium plan.


Sometimes users want to make their data secure but they don’t want to give any money so in that situation KeePassXC is best and that is why it has been included in the list of password managers as well.

This app is considered a complete password manager app which is available for all the devices like Android, IOS, macOS, and Windows as well. But there is one thing about this app which is not good and that is its user interface which is not at all user-friendly.

So, if you want to use this app more effectively then all you have to do is to learn the app by using it on your own and you have to advance the app. Another thing you can try is that you can go to look out for its tutorials as well which will also help you to understand the app more quickly and easily.

And after all of this hard work, you will be able to make your date secure for free of cost.


NordPass is among the last best password managers. This is also an excellent app when it comes to managing a password and making data more secure. This app is made by one of the most popular VPN providers which are Nord VPN. The best thing about this app is that it is very simple and also very much easy to use.

This app also comes in two versions free and paid version. In the free version of NordPaass you won’t get the feature of syncing and that is available for only one device.

But if you are interested in that feature you can get it as well all you need to do is to upgrade to the paid version. But let’s suppose you want to try the paid version first you can also get 7 days trial for free so that you can try the paid features as well.

The best thing about this app is that it follows a zero-knowledge setup which basically means it will encrypt your data before uploading it to the company server. There are also some more features which include a personal information storage feature, a built-in password generator to make your data more secure, and also two-factor authentication feature.

This app also allowed a trusted feature which is basically that if you want your family members or friends to access your account if you want them to do.


The pricing of the app is given below.

  • NordPass costs $36 a year.

All these password managers are trustworthy as well as more secure compared to the others and also their features are up to mark which obviously the need of any user. So we will highly recommend you to try one of these. You can also look for Everything you want to know about “Why Freelancing is the future?”

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