4 Best Reasons to Buy iPhone 14 Series

4 Best Reasons to Buy iPhone 14 Series

The iPhone 14 is the latest series of iPhones which has just been released. The announcement of this iPhone 14 series was done during the company’s 7 September event which includes iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. Most iPhone lovers would know that this new iPhone series is the biggest change from the company since the iPhone12 series.

The best thing that now iPhone lovers are enjoying is that it cost under $1000 while this new series of iPhones offer a big number of upgrades in their performance including, camera systems, and design.

The newest and most amazing feature that iPhone has to bring in this new iPhone series is the always-on display and this new feature has given new experiences for iPhone lovers to interact with their device.

Drastically this new iPhone series does not differ from than previous iPhone 13 series so that is why most people still want to use the previous iPhone series which is totally their choice.

But in order to solve most of the people’s doubt we have come up with the best reasons to buy this new iPhone series and all these reasons would help you to be more clear about this new iPhone series. So, without any further discussion let’s see them

List of Reasons to buy iPhone 14 Series

1- Dynamic Island

This is the biggest and the new exciting feature of this new iPhone series and this new feature impresses a lot of iPhone users. This thing has also improved the front camera and sensors which are needed for Face ID to securely unlock your phone. This new feature comes on Pro and Pro Max versions and it delivers lots of notifications and alerts and it is totally new experience for everyone.

Let’s suppose you play any of your songs then you will see that the album track will appear in Dynamic Island and if you want to expand it more you just need to long press Dynamic Island in order to get more information.

This feature is going to increase the interaction of users among the device and users and it also encourages them to increase the usefulness of this feature over time.

2- Always-on display

This is also one of the most exciting and most heart whelming features of this latest iPhone series and this feature comes in Pro and Pro Max variants. Now let’s discuss this feature. If you use this feature then you will be able to see the date and time on your iPhone lock screen always.

And thanks to the iOS 16 update you will be able to add a customized lock screen as well and this customization lock screen feature is something which every iPhone lover wants very badly and now they have it. The best thing about this new feature is also that it doesn’t matter even if your lock screen is visible it will not going to drain much battery of your iPhone as well.

Many people will still criticize that this feature has already been offered for android and yes they are right but this is something which most iPhone users want for so long and wasn’t expecting in this new series of iPhones and yes here iPhone nailed it.

3- No price hike

The biggest rumour about this iPhone series was its price hike. There was the biggest rumour among iPhone users was that every iPhone Pro variant will be going to be a $100 price hike which is obviously false.

The price of the Pro variant of this new iPhone series is $999 and the price of the Pro Max variant of this new iPhone series is $1099 which is obviously the same price as compared to iPhone 13 Pro model featured.

Obviously, this is not a cheap price but this is not that much hike on the price as compared to what people are thinking. And trust us this price is much better as compared to what new and best features this new series o iPhone is giving to its users.

4- A16 Bionic chipset

The iPhone Pro and Pro Max come with this A16 Bionic chipset which makes this new iPhone faster and faster another advantage of this A16 Bionic chipset is that it consumes 20% less power than its predecessor.

While apart from Pro and Pro Max the other devices come with the same A15 Bionic chipset which comes with the previous iPhone 13 series. The thing that Apple tells us is that the A16 Bionic’s 6-core CPU is 40% faster than comparable chipsets from rival chip makers. (That’s Qualcomm, and it’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, in case you can’t read between the lines.

This chipset has helped the iPhone to make its devices faster and helped to make a big impact among its rivals as well. And lastly, we can say that this A16 Bionic Chipset will revolutionize the new series o this iPhone and will make it faster and faster for those who will purchase it and will have the best experience for a very long time.

Also, the thing most people would love about this new iPhone series is its battery life which is way more improved than the previous iPhone series which means it has good battery life and is ultimately the best you will get.

This new iPhone series is now available and you can simply Pre-order them by clicking at Apple.com. If you are interested you can also look for the Best Paid iPhone App of July 2022.       

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