Upwork is better than Freelancer

4 Reasons why Upwork is better than Freelancer?

Upwork is Better than Freelancer is this true? Upwork and Freelancer are both considered as most popular platforms for Freelancing. And choosing from these two platforms is very difficult because they have their own reputation in the marketplace. Both also have their advantages and disadvantages.

We have spent some months testing both these platforms (Both as Clients and as Freelancers), and we were very surprised by both platforms. But you what Upwork has scored more points as compared to Freelancer.com over a couple of things.

We have seen that Upwork has very much a simple hiring process and even its work and management tools were the best as far we have seen. While Freelancers charge a low payment fee and it is cheaper a bit as well. But what we observed is that Upwork offers work of higher quality.

It doesn’t depend whether you have a small business and you are looking for a Freelancer or some highly skilled professional. Our work was to give you some facts from which you can understand which one is best for you. We have also previously discussed Most Paid Freelance Jobs. Given below is all the reason that tells you Upwork is Better than Freelancer.com.

Reasons Upwork is Better than Freelancer

1- Upwork is more Versatile

Upwork is Better than Freelancer and the reason is that both these platforms have boasted millions of registered users, which gives no shortage of qualified people help to choose from. And because of Upwork’s vetting process, the pool of users is slightly smaller but they offer quality work as well.

Both Upwork and Freelancer offer search filters that make it easy for clients to find and hire the right candidate. But if talk specifically about Upwork you will clearly see that top-rated Freelancers have a shiny badge that is displayed right next to their profile and which helps clients a lot.

If you want to know about detailed reports and work tools for both these platforms you will find them very easily. But if we talk about the actual hiring process then, Upwork is more versatile. It is because you not only choose from a huge pool but also you can also use the product catalog in order to browse the jobs which are posted by freelancers and all these factors make the reason true that Upwork is Better than Freelancer.

2- Easy to Use

Upwork Offers a good User Experience

If you have to use Upwork then you know that Signing up and posting jobs on Upwork is very much easy. Everything that you do on Upwork makes real sense to you.

And the best thing we love about Upwork is that its interface is very much clean and you also love the way the Upwork Search engine is laid out. There are various categories from which you can choose and the thing which makes our statement true that Upwork is Better than Freelancer is that with a simple keyword search you will get hundreds of capable freelancers as well.

If we talk about monitoring hires and generating reports it is quite the same for both platforms so no complaints here. Freelancer website has one major issue which is bot issue which led slave-driver agencies to post as individual contractors. While Upwork is free from all such things. And this is why Upwork is Better than Freelancer because you are not bound in Upwork. We know that it takes somewhat time to learn the Upwork Search engine but trust us once you get it you will love it.

3- Pricing and Fees

Upwork and Freelancer both are very straightforward in terms of posting jobs on them. Even the Fees charged on both these platforms are quite much similar and they have only to be paid after the successful completion of the client project. Upwork provides quality work as well and due to this Upwork is Better than Freelancer as well.

If we talk about charging fees Upwork takes 5% of the charging fee which is added to the total paid amount to a freelancer. Their old fee was 3% and even US clients pay this 3% because they are paying taxes. Even Upwork has provided plus features for free as well.

And if any large organization needs a number of freelancers then they have to create their account on UpworkEnterprise Account which comes with extra features and perks as well. The pricing of an Enterprise account varies so if you want to know about the pricing you may contact Upwork for a demo as well if you are interested only.

And if we talk about Dreelancer.com it is cheaper than Upwork but things are very complicated on Freelancer.com. Because they offer many features and services for a paid while on the other hand the Upwork provides all thing for free and this is the reason which makes us say that Upwork is better than Freelancer.

4- Working with Clients

Upwork and Freelancer both have their issue here because we know most of our clients are honest but we also face most scammers on these platforms. But the reason Upwork is Better than Freelancer is that on Upwork both Client and Freelancer can see the details of the ongoing projects and keep up to date.

And due to this, the relationship with clients and customers is better than compared Freelancer.com. And another benefit of using Upwork is that with the help of the Upwork Filtering System you can simply and easily identify the clients who have verified accounts on the platform as well which helps the clients to identify that they were previously hired as well.

This was all related to reasons why Upwork is Better than Freelancer. And you will also see that most Freelancers will choose Upwork instead of Freelancer.com. The above are all the facts that we have discovered while spending months using these platforms as well.

It doesn’t matter which platform we like or you like. This was all about every freelancer so if you find any other Freelancing platform and you find it more convenient then you can also use those platforms as well.

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