5 Tips on How to Write an Article Perfectly

5 Tips on How to Write an Article Perfectly

Copywriters, content writers, freelance writers, and even bloggers are facing an issue which is to write an article which is also perfect and all these things have to be done under a tight deadline. Many of you will think that why it matters but if you are one of the above people then you will see this as a seemingly impossible task.

The reason behind this is very simple it is very important for all Copywriters and content writers to have writing skills which will eventually help them to write perfect content within time.

And we all know that in this Era of the Internet the article writers who can generate good content are in very high demand and their demand is even increasing day by day. However, there is an issue which article writers are facing sometimes which is the deadline of the article because it affects very much on the article.

Due to this problem we have come up with 5 tips for writing a perfect article and all these tips have been effective for all bloggers or article writers. So, without any further discussion let’s jump into these 5 tips for writing the perfect article and with their help of them, you can boost your career as an article writer as well.

List of tips for perfect article writing


The very first thing any article writer does is research because it is very important to know what is subject he needs to write an article on and for this reason almost all good content writers make most of their time researching so that people can read their valuable information.

Researching is the backbone of any article on any topic. We have seen that some people are very good at topic giving, but when it comes to research they are not good because research tells you facts which have more value than a blank sentence which is meaningless.

There are some good tips of researching as well which are given below

  • Make a proper list of all topics around the topic before writing it.
  • The next tip is that you should read some good articles on your related topic.
  • Another tip is that don’t rely on a single topic read more than one article on your related topic.

Keywords of the Article

After research, the pillar of any article is its Keyword. The keyword of the article is the only thing which decides whether the audience or readers are going to read your article or not. So in order to solve this problem try to keep your Keyword interesting and unique so that people will come to read your article on their own.

There are some good tips about the keywords of the Article which are given below.

  • The first tip is that you should write a helpful-looking heading so that people will come to read your article on their own.
  • Another tip is that you can use keyword researching tools like Google Search Console as well which will help you to track the search traffic and many things.

Compelling Introduction

After the headline or keyword of the article, the thing that comes is the introduction of the article. The importance of an introduction is very much because it tells you whether the majority of readers are going to read your article or not. So, in order to write an article which will gather more audience, you should go for the introduction of your article and the introduction of the article generally contains basics about the article you are writing.

There are also some good tips about Introduction as well which are given below

  • The first tip is you need to begin your article with the story, fictional or non-fictional, in order to create audience interest.
  • Another tip is that you should tell some solid facts about your following article topic as well.
  • Another tip is that you should describe the problem that you are going to solve in your article.
  • You can even start with a series of questions as well.

Use Spaces

Use of Space is also preferred if you want to write an article. By use of space means subheadings, bullet points, tables, and short paragraphs. These things impact very much on readers because they find it more convenient to read articles easily some examples of these are given below.

Use of Subheadings

The use of the Subheading impact very much on your article. If you have a large article then try to break it into relevant parts and if possible go for subheadings because it will help the readers to understand which Subheading is valuable to them and they also define the shape of your article as well.

Use of Bullet Points

All experienced content writers usually go for bullet points and the reason is very simple they know that readers don’t want to read the long sentence. All they need is to get the precise bullet point which will be enough for them.

Use of Small Paragraphs

Try not to go for long Paragraphs instead of it break into Small paragraphs because readers find it lengthy to read any long paragraph because they think that it will waste a lot of time. Try to go for a small paragraph approach so that readers can easily read it and even leave some space after the paragraph so that readers can get some rest as well.

Proofread and Edit

Sometimes content writers don’t like to go for Proofread and Edit and things get difficult because readers don’t like articles which have lots of Grammatical Errors and spelling mistakes.

This can ruin a perfect article. So, in order to solve this problem content writers must go Proofread and Edit so that they can identify their mistakes by themselves and will give their audience a clear and meaningful article as well.

Proofread and Edit helps you in the following.

  • The first thing you get is that you can edit your article.
  • You can even check whether there is any kind of redundancy or not.
  • Last by Proofread and editing you get another chance to update your content as well.

The above are all the tips that you should keep in your mind if you want to write an article which is perfect and gets you more readers as well. You can also go for 5 writing mistakes you need to avoid while content editing.

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