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5 Ways How Connected Technology Has Changed Our Homes

As we all know that the homes we lived in now have a wide range of sophisticated devices, from Virtual Assistants to Smart TVs.
We will discuss how these connected technologies have changed the way we interact with technology in our houses. From using mobile phones, tablets, and laptops to Smart Televisions, The 21st Century household often has now gadgets and devices. We will look at 5 technological developments that have become an important part of many people’s home lives.


The use and the advent of High-Speed Broadband in the home mean that help of Broadband today’s people in their homes can stream music and movies, make video calls, browse the internet and also download large files very quickly.

Having fast and reliable broadband connections means that it will also act as a gateway to all other devices that have been made and designed in order to make our lives more entertaining and easy.

Connected TVs

As we all know that nowadays in many houses there are Smart TVs. Due to this, it has sounded the death knell for the video players and DVDs in those houses. TVs that connect to the fast internet have the ability to stream television programs, stream movies and also stream music as well as browse the web.

Talking Only about the U.K., the regulator Ofcom in 2017 said that in the U.K. there are 42% of the smart TVs in the household as compared to just 5% in the year 2012.


As compared to today the Console and PC users during the late 90s and early 2000s were also relatively restricted when we talk about online gaming. The advent of the Fast, Reliable Internet Connections and also the development of the Consoles such as Sony’s PlayStations and Microsoft’s Xbox means that now the games can face off against all the players from across the globe with ease and reliable way.

This has led to starting a new Era which we called E-sports. This E-sports Era has boomed the gaming experience because the world’s best players are earning a huge amount of financial rewards for their exploits in games such as PUBG Mobile, Fortnite, and Street Fighter. An example of a huge financial reward is that one 16-year-old boy named Kyle Giersdorf of Pennsylvania has won $3 million while playing Fortnite.


Whether it’s Google’s Home, Apple’s Siri, or Amazon’s Alexa, the Virtual Assistant has become a common sight in many homes.

These Devices react to the voice commands in order to understand the range of the tasks, from providing weather forecasts, Playing music to recipe advice. In order to put everything in perspective, the users can control 30,000 or more different connected devices, from lights to thermostats, and TVs, by using Google Home.

Smart Locks

As we have seen that some locks that don’t need any keys to open are now becoming a convenient way of securing our properties.

These new locks are controlled with the help of using an app or also by entering the passcode and they are beginning to open up several secondary applications.

Also in July 2019, in the U.K. market, Waitrose announced that they will be expanding the trials of their “While You Are Away.”  Delivery Service.

The Yale Smart-Lock Technology has been used for this purpose which gives the Waitrose delivery drivers access to the homes of the customers. The algorithm is that Customers will set a temporary access code for their lock, which will be sent to the Waitrose delivery driver through a secure service.

The above-all connected technology has made the life of their users easy as well as provided them more reliability and the users can have enjoyable moments in their life.

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