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8 Exciting Facts about WhatsApp

Before talking about the facts of WhatsApp let’s see first how this app was created. WhatsApp was released in 2009 and is now among the most popular app for text and also for voice communication. WhatsApp is easy to download and free to use. It is also a very safe and convenient app and it can be used on smartphones, laptops, and tablets. You can also send and receive messages, also perform voice calls, and also lead video chats.

The thing which has made WhatsApp more attractive is that it can run on different operating systems for computers and smartphones helping with the messages. At first, WhatsApp was just made for messaging purposes but now it is also used for audio and video calling as well for both formal and informal purposes.

There are lots of benefits to using WhatsApp. It will also recognize automatically the contacts of users who were already using WhatsApp and you don’t have to add them manually. If your friend or any family person is not using WhatsApp you can also invite them. WhatsApp also gives you the functionality to create groups in order to interact with up to 256 members. The groups can be created for work purposes, also family groups can be created. You can also send your live location to your loved ones with the help of GPS within WhatsApp. You can also upload a status that will last for 24 hours and you can also restrict the contacts from WhatsApp.

Facts about WhatsApp

Whether it’s fun facts or staggering statistics about how WhatsApp was created as a Social Media platform for people. Here are some interesting facts about WhatsApp which are given below.

  1. WhatsApp Did Not Spend Any Money on Marketing:

WhatsApp founders Brian Acton and Jan Koun have strongly disagreed with the advertisement and that’s why they didn’t invest in the ad since the beginning of the app. They don’t have marketing staff as well. They just simply work on the messaging app to provide the solution to the users while getting the new users with the time as well. The investment of WhatsApp company was more in the development side in order to provide the users more likely a messaging app.


  1. WhatsApp Users Open The App 23 Times a Day

In the past, WhatsApp has also revealed its official figures that an average user of WhatsApp opens the app about 23 times or more in one day. These figures, it implies that WhatsApp users roughly open the app once every hour. This is also a breakthrough for any mobile app development company.


  1. Every Minute 29 million or more messages are sent on WhatsApp

The year 2018 was called as the productive year of WhatsApp and the data of that time shows that around 29 million messages are sent every minute by WhatsApp users. Also, this massive figure didn’t include any video, audio recording, or images. This 29 million figure is only based on text messages.


  1. Google Once Offered to Purchase WhatsApp For $10 Billion

After WhatsApp was released the founders already knew its worth and when Google made the offer of $10 Billion in 2014 they reject it later Facebook acquired the company for almost double the offer Google.


  1. Facebook Acquired WhatsApp for $19 Billion

This was on February 19, 2014, when the popular social networking website “Facebook” acquired the WhatsApp company at that day WhatsApp became the biggest purchase ever by Facebook company spending $19 Billion dollar amount.


  1. WhatsApp is the Third Most Downloaded App on Android in the World

WhatsApp has also been ranked as the Third most downloaded android app on Google Play Store. Also, on the other hand, WhatsApp is also ranked at the top of the list of the Apple App Store. There are also stats that also shows the breakthrough of one billion downloads of the app in the year 2015. Before WhatsApp, this figure was only achieved by only two apps named YouTube and Facebook.


  1. WhatsApp Supports 60 Different Languages

The WhatsApp app also supports 60 different languages for its users so that they can use WhatsApp easily and also provides messaging solutions all around the world. The single app which supports 60 different languages can also be marked as a marvel in the history of the development of mobile apps.


  1. WhatsApp Introduced Voice Messaging in 2013

In the beginning, WhatsApp didn’t include the feature of voice messaging. The purpose which WhatsApp was created was to simply send and receive text messages. But later in 2013, the company decided to introduce the feature of voice messages in the app, and also after adding this feature the value of the app also increased. Afterward, many mobile app development companies followed the same trend which was created by WhatsApp.


These were some exciting facts about WhatsApp that will help you to understand the app more easily. you can also check our other blog post on WhatsApp Vs Telegram

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