8 Exclusive Reasons Why Mostly iPhone Users switching to Android?

On the internet, there are almost 1.5 million ads or sell my iPhones. Yes, you read it correctly. So what are the main reasons behind many peoples are selling their iPhones is it for the latest version or they are going to switch towards other brands? Recently there have been many phones launched like iPhone 13 Pro Max, Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, Google Pixel 6 Pro, and many more.

After every launch of the smartphone, there is a great debate that starts on the internet or on social media on the news that which phone is best. Have the design, the latest technology, the size, and the pricing some people say it’s android and some people are die-hard fans of the iPhone.

So the question here is Android really better than iPhones? Let’s find it out by ourselves but before starting it we must say one thing as very clear that it is necessary we are not an iPhone hater and neither been and we are here comparing just the main reason why most iPhone users  Switching to Android.
Although we are also having a windows Laptop and a Macbook Pro. Also, it was necessary that many iPhone users can disagree with me as well.

iPhone Users switching to Android

But one thing we can for sure say is that Yes, iPhone has its own Brand Name and its own Class which truly attracts Elite Class people while you can also find Android on any device that may be far cheaper than the iPhones. So, after doing lots of research on why people are switching to Android there are a few main reasons which are given below.

1- Huge Amount of Device Choices:

When you or any other person plan to buy an Android you have a large number of brands and devices to select. You are free to open and also browse hundreds of Android devices. The Choice depends on whether you want an Android which clicks the best pictures so that you can upload them on your social media, or you want an Android which never breaks how many times it falls or it doesn’t lose its shape? Or you want an Android which has a keyboard so that you can send your business email easily. Android phones have covered everything according to people’s needs. You just want to grab whatever device you want at cheaper prices.

2- Charging:

Let’s suppose a scenario that you are leaving the house for some important meeting and the battery of your phone is 1% at that moment you must be thinking you are the unluckiest person at that moment and the pain gets double if you are an iPhone user because it takes a while to charge an iPhone but in case of an Android phone there is a plus point that it charges very fast and also the bonus point is they can also easily connect with Laptop/Computer as it is ISB Type-C.

3- Back Button:

If you are an Android user ad you want to go back to what you were using you just simply need to click or tap on the back button, no extra steps. While in iPhones you are supposed to take a lot of extra steps either by the home button or double tap on the button. While in Android, there is a separate back button.

4- Google Play Store:

As we all know that Google Play Store is very huge and you can easily get every single app from a search also Google Play Store is more user-friendly because its UI design is more good and attractive. Also, it is very simple and easy to use you just simply click on any application it shows information about what you want including the video, screenshot, and also gameplay (for games if required). We have personally used both App Store and Google Play Store and we like both of them.

5- More Free Apps:

We all still remember some applications like Prisma and Instagram when they launched and became a big hits but at that time they were only offered to iPhone Users. It was not on Play Store. But soon they understand the values of android and now Prisma is much cheaper on Android. And also we can say that Play Store is much cheaper than android because some applications which are paid on App Store are available free on Google Play Store.

6- The Memory Expanded:

We might debate on everything but here is a big Apple loss at this point. For android, it’s very simple just open up a slot insert a memory card and memory will be expanded but on iPhone, there is no slot for a memory card and if you want to expand more memory you have to use the extra cash on the iPhone and buy memory every month. This is the biggest loss point of an iPhone.

7- Siri VS Google Assistant:

We have also seen when there is any article or any comparison video we have always seen Siri vs Google Assistant. Even we know that Siri has launched earlier than the Google Assistant although the Google Assistant is more productive and has better competence because it types for you as you talk and also it works even offline.

8- Durability:

As we know that there are so many Android phones that you can’t measure durability because some Android phones are made from very high-quality material and some are made of low-quality material. Also, in the recent past, we have also heard about the news of lots of iPhones getting bent due to their size but we have never heard anything like that about an android.

These are the few main reasons that we get from the online research and surveys why mostly iPhone users switching to Android. These are the few main reasons that we get from the online research and surveys why mostly iPhone users are switching to Android.

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