Best Smartwatches to Consider Buying 2022

Best Smartwatches to Consider Buying 2022


Best Smartwatches are the best way to receive notifications from our phones and also we will be able to track our health right from our wrist with the help of the best smartwatches. We have reviewed all the latest smartwatches for Android and iPhone and here we are with the best Smartwatches to consider buying in 2022.

As many users probably thinking about Apple Watch Series 7 it will seem the obvious choice of theirs but there are also lots of great rivals to choose from whether you use an iPhone or an Android with excellent hardware from Huawei, Samsung, and others.

We have ranked these all the Best Smartwatches to Consider Buying and the ranking is totally focused on the features of the smartwatches. These smartwatches have been used by most users and after reviewing these features we have provided the given below list of Best Smartwatches to Consider Buying in 2022.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic: Best Overall

As we all know that the Samsung Galaxy Smartwatches are one of the best smartwatches available in the market and they are also one of the biggest competitors in the market. The first rank is obvious to the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic.

The Watch 4 Classic may look similar to the previous year’s Galaxy watch 3 completely including that signature rotating bezel and after the partnership with Google, a new incarnation of WearOS(But with some signature Samsung tweaks). This is what you will find on the Watch 4 series.

The Price of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic is $379.99 on Amazon. Including all of the premium user experience, the watch allows Samsung Galaxy Users to access new health data which includes body composition analysis as well as AFib(irregular heart rhythm) detection and ECG feature.

Since the Watch 4 is running the Wear OS that’s why the Watch 4 also has the access to lots of faces of the watch ad also third–party apps that previous alterations simply lost out on.

If you are a Samsung Galaxy User the Watch 4 Classic will give you the best experience and since you have paid a premium for that classic styling but it is still the best fit for the wider Android user after the premium wearable experience.

The Watch 4 also has some pros. and Cons. As well which are given below.


  • Great Performance.
  • Best Wear OS Experience yet.
  • Tactile Design.


  • Classic styling with extra cost.
  • Watch 4 is fully functional for Samsung Galaxy Users only.


Apple Watch Series 7: Best for iPhone Users

Apple Watch Series 7

As we all know that Series 7 is the only incremental upgrade over 2020’s series 6, which hasn’t stopped it from becoming one of the best smartwatches that you can buy but only if you are an iPhone user.

The Series 7 has come with all of the improvements from the previous year’s Apple Watch along with the additional changes as well. The Series 7 watch has also incorporated fast charging (which is 33% faster than before) and also added a new display that is 20% larger, while its bezels are around 40% thinner, which gives the series 7 watches a more cutting-edge look.

The price of the Apple Watch Series 7 is $399.00 at Apple. The Series 7 watch has also come with watchOS 8 running which is out of the box for Apple’s users. It means the 7 now support new found for workout activities like pilates and also added new safety feature which is helpful like fall detection whilst cycling.

The Series 7 watch has also contained many more features like ECG and Blood Monitoring as well. While we talk about so many things there are some pros. and cons. Of Series 7 watch as well which are given below.


  • Feature-Packed.
  • Fast charging.
  • Minimal bezels.


  • No battery improvements.
  • No new sensors.

Fitbit Sense: Best for fitness and well-being

Fitbit Sense

As we know that Fitbit Sense has replaced the Iconic and most well-rounded Fitbit and also Fitbit Sense has added lots of new health features at the top-end of the company’s range.

Also, you can call this smartwatch Hypochondriac’s smartwatch. It is because this smartwatch is full of warning signs, but there is also a lot in this smartwatch that will help to indicate serious health problems that you have a chance to improve as well.

The price of Fitbit Sense is $217.00 on Amazon. As we all can’t deny that stress can affect us and our body very badly and also it will affect the mental health as well but by wearing this smartwatch you can closely look upon your health and make your self u to date about your health.

This helps in long-term physical health benefits by using this smartwatch. Since this Fitbit Sense is focusing very closely on your health, that’s why the price is also a bit high but it gives you the best health experience as well.

There are also some pros. and cons. of Fitbit Sense which is given below.


  • Good display.
  • Well-rounded.
  • Nice design.


  • Pricey.
  • Some features are gated behind Premium Subscription as well.

These rankings have been made testing all of the smartwatches around and they are the Best Smartwatch to Consider Buying in 2022. The pricing of the watches can vary from time to time and also the upgrades and updates in the watch can come to increase the user experience as well.

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