How to Make Spy Camera Using Android Phone in 10 Steps

How to Make Spy Camera Using Android Phone in 10 Steps

To make spy camera using android phone is one of those things that people love to do nowadays. We all know that there are lots of apps available on your smartphones which help you do a lot of things. But to become a spy is something at the next level and the reason is very simple people want to know and also want to keep an eye on their loved ones and precious things as well.

Let’s suppose you want to spy on your own house in order to make sure the safety of your loved ones by using just your android phone. And the best thing is that in order to make spy using  android phone only takes a few minutes. And we have seen most people, especially parents being worried about their babies so we have come up with a solution.

We will tell you from the start how to make spy camera using android phone the best thing is that this is a DIY (Do It Yourself) method and also this method is free of cost as well so if you are worried about money then this problem is also not there so let’s see the process from start.

IP Webcam Method

IP Webcam is the best method to make spy camera using android phone and also IP Webcam is one of the most popular camera spy apps. All you need to set IP Webcam is to find a perfect camera angle to see all the movement of the people you want to see can be covered.

And in order to do this, you have to launch the app on your smartphone. After that, you have to come back to your mobile phone or computer and then watch the live video streaming from any media player which is supported by the app. Another thing we want to tell you about IP Webcam is that it also supports video chat through Chatroulette and Skype.

Given below are the details on how to setup IP Webcam as a spy cam


Install IP Webcam from the play store. It is available totally for free.


Once, the app is installed on your android phone then launch the app on your device. You can also edit all the parameters and setting in order to get high-quality live streaming video but it totally depends on you. In order to make changes, this app lets you change image quality, size of the image, frames per second, and many parameters as well.


Once you are done with all of your settings then tap on the “Start Server” button the purpose of doing this is to start recording using your phone’s camera. After that, you will see an IP Address and also a port number on the top of the screen. Just note it down carefully because you will need both of them later.


After you have noted down them come back to your PC and open your PC browser. Now, enter that IP address that you just noted down along with that port number in the bar. And double check them what you write and what you must enter if both are correct press enter.

Then you will be redirected to Android Webcam Server Page. Now you will be able to see the live streaming of the video through your spy phone’s camera. You will also see there will be several video players available among which you can select one of your choices.


Some people also want to watch from their android phones so these steps are for those who want to use their smartphones instead of PCs. Now install TinyCam Monitor on the smartphone from Play Store which you want to use for viewing purposes. This app is also totally free.


Once the app is installed on your smartphone now launch the app and then tap on “Add Camera”


Now in the Maddator setting options click on “Camera Vendor” and then select the IP Webcam for Android option.


Now you will have to tap on “Hostname” and then enter that IP Address that you have noted in step 3.


After that, you will have to tap on “Port Number” and enter the port number that you also noted in step 3.


And finally, you will have to tap on the “Live View” option and you will be able to see the live video stream from your android smartphone as well.


There is a precaution that we want to highlight to you and which is that the smartphone’s camera that you have used for spy purposes is now operated under IP Camera in the app and due to this reason you can’t use the camera on that mobile when the app is open.

These all o the steps above help you to make a DIY (Do It Yourself) method to make a spy camera by using your android phone in a few minutes also it is totally free and many people who want to keep a close eye on their loved ones or on their employee can now easily do it without them knowing.

The one thing we want to suggest to them is that they must look for a perfect camera angle in order to cover everything that they want to see without letting anyone know and that’s it they are ready to go.

The world is going so fast that it has been seeing lots of new technology that most humans don’t know. And if you are one of those and want to know about future tech just click on Top 3 Technology Trends 2022.

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