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Why Technology Can’t Replace Teachers Role in Classroom

A teacher facilitates, leads, guides, and mentors a student. Teachers are role models and they can set an example to the students and helps the students towards their bright future. A good teacher is one who encourages the thoughts of the students and encourages them to independent learning.

Modern Classroom

A modern classroom these days is defined by technology. Due to Covid-19 Pandemic, the usage of technology in the classroom has also accelerated. There is constant pressure on the administrator and the teachers as well to implement the technology in the classes these days. As we all know that there are lots of advantages to using technology in teaching but here the question is that can technology replace the teacher’s role in the classroom? The answer to this question is clearly No. By looking at benefits technology can never replace the teacher.

Technology in Classroom

There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that the ICT has become the need of an hour. It has also changed the basic needs including food, shelter, clothes, and the internet. The advantage here is that ICT help an individual in order to fulfill all of their needs. It has also helped in dealing with interpersonal relationships. It has also helped us to communicate from a city to a village with the help of the Internet and we can see each other. Its main purpose is that it is used for communication and for entertainment. But if we are thinking to improve the quality of education by implementing the internet we have to think a lot.

The reason is quite simple no matter how much smart or advanced the program is it can never bring the knowledge and experience that a teacher can give us. We have also gone through many kinds of research and as a result, we found out that the change which teachers can bring no technology can bring that change. A teacher simply does not share information with you and also a teacher is not about facts or figures. A teacher facilitates, leads, guides, and mentors a student.

Teachers Are Role Models

Teachers are role models and they can set an example to the students and helps the students towards their bright future. A good teacher is one who encourages the thoughts of the students and encourages them to independent learning. A teacher can be a positive or also be a negative influence on their students in order to achieve their set of goals. The bond between a teacher and the student produces trust between them which can’t be achieved by virtual technology.

As we all know that in today’s age the old school method of notes and books is not going to work. Now, the teachers have to keep themselves updated with the latest technology and have to implement these technologies without losing control in the classroom. An example of technology is that now there are several learning apps for schools that make learning and also teaching very simple. And we all know that the future of education is clearly going to be personalized-tech-infused learning. And we also know that the generation these days love to use technology.

Come out Of Comfort Zone

In order to understand the students and also in order to connect with the students now the teachers have to come out of their comfort zone as well and encourage them in new different ways. And technology nowadays is surely the best way to understand and connect with students.  Technology has also upgraded the educational system. The new technology will help to energize the students as well as teachers. This simply means that the technology will be infused into learning but the role of the teacher will also remain very important.

So now in this debate teacher versus technology who wins? Well, the answer to this has to be the middle ground between the two. As we know the classroom can’t function without teachers but in the future, there will be other ways around too as well. While facilitating through the technology it will provide a tremendous amount of opportunity for both students and teachers in order to deepen their knowledge and empower them.

The teacher will become a facilitator of sharing trustworthy information from the electronic source with the students. And the battle of teacher versus technology is ongoing. Technology plays a very much supporting role but it’s a teacher who is bringing it all together. We all know that technology is changing the way students learn but we can’t term it as a replacement for teachers. The high-quality teachers inspire their students in order to achieve their future goals, while, the technology is not inspiring the students and not helping them to fight back in their hard times.

Technology Is Helping a Lot in The Learning Environment

Now, we should talk about some points from the other side of the debate. We all know that technology is helping a lot in the learning environment, but has not taken the teacher’s role completely. We also see that even in the online courses the teacher is necessary in order to give lectures. It can be in form of videos, tutorials, or zoom sessions. Also, the students have to learn the computers which are also taught by teachers. In this way, we can also see that the role of the teacher can’t be replaced by technology.

The teachers can take help from the different apps or software in order to fulfill the diverse need according to their way of learning. Also, we can say that in today’s world no one can neglect the fact of the diverse needs of the learners.

In the end. We can say that technology can be a helping factor to learn, but technology can’t replace the experience and knowledge which is delivered by teachers. And as long as the balance between teachers and technology is maintained in the education system it will not only promote learning but will also open several ways or doors of learning as well for both students and teachers. And this is the reason we have said why Technology can’t Replace Teacher’s Roles in Classroom.

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