5 Best Productivity Hacks for Working from Home

5 Best Productivity Hacks for Working from Home

Productivity Hacks are usually looked at by everybody because they help to boost the productivity of people. There are lots of Productivity Hacks for working from home available and it is very hard for people to determine which Productivity Hacks for working from home are useful for them and which are not.

That is why we have come up with the five best Productivity Hacks for working from home that you need to follow. All of these hacks have been tested by ourselves as well for the last fifteen months. So we have come up with five hacks that will be going to improve your productivity as well as improve your workflow and helps you to fight procrastination.

We highly suggest you try these five Productivity Hacks for working from home and we are very much sure that all of these hacks will improve your workflow as well as help you to work from home more effectively. And without any further discussion let us dive into the list of best Productivity Hacks.

List of best Productivity Hacks

1- Set a timer for Every Task

Our list of Productivity Hacks starts with Set Timer for Every Task. This help enables people to maximize their productivity for their task and the reason is very simple there is a timer set for every task then which will make them more punctual. Let us take an example you have to create a word document and all you have is twenty minutes then you will work very hard to fight against the timer in order to get work done on time.

This technique is quite similar to the Pomodoro technique. So basically in the Pomodoro technique, you will choose any one task and set a timer of Twenty-five Minutes and you have to work until the timer gets off.

And when the timer ends you will basically take five minutes break and repeat the cycle three more times. But at the end of the fourth cycle, the duration of the break extends to fifteen to twenty minutes. This Pomodoro Technique is very good because you are focusing on single tasks at the moment.

And we all know that Multi-tasking is often done incorrectly and due to which productivity is also affected.

2- Chew Gum

You will be amazed but this is true that chewing gum is also on the list of best Productivity Hacks for working from home and the reason is that there is research which says that chewing gum helps you to increase productivity. It has also been seen that chewing gum helps you to help you fight distractions, boost your memory, and many more.

Also, this is one of the cheap methods to try Productivity Hacks. Also chewing gum helps people to relieve their stress, relieve their work anxiety, and also make people more productive.

The best thing you can do is you can try this method by yourself and see if it helps you to boost your productivity or improve your flow or not.

3- Listen to Music

There is also research about listening to music and which says that it helps you to improve your productivity and also improve your workflow levels. Many people think that is it appropriate to listen to music while doing work but it totally depends on what type of music you are listening to.

There is much music without any lyrics and also music without lyrics is preferred if you want to improve your productivity. But some people also like to listen to lyrical music while working and if you are one of those then it is also perfectly fine to do it.

There is also research which said that most productive sounds have paced around 121bpm. One of the biggest things that everyone has noticed is that when we are listening to music it helps to make our mood good and also it pumps us to become more productive.

4- Sleep on It

As we all know that there is no substitute for night sleep. And also there was a survey which says that sleep deprivation costs companies $2,280 per employee, or 11.3 days of productivity, each year and this survey was done by 7,400 individuals at Harvard University.

Also, Scientists have said that to be more productive you need to sleep 8-9 hours every night. This thing is seen to be more effective than Productivity Hacks and also it has been seen that it makes more good impact and makes people more productive as compared to other Productivity Hacks that are available.

So it is suggested that everyone get a night’s sleep and make themselves more productive and also this is one of the most proven productivity tips available there.

5- Never Aim for Perfection

Last but not least on the list of Productivity Hacks is Never aim or perfection the reason is that nobody is perfect and yes you can improve yourself every day by training but you must keep the thing in your mind that you can never be perfect because no one is made perfect.

So, whenever you are doing something try to make it as good as possible and also it is preferred that instead of perfection aim for 80%. So this basically means when you are doing your work think to make it 80% excellent and never think that your work is perfection there are always some improvements that you can do and make it look more productive and effective.

And also by this, you will save your time and make these hacks work for yourself as well.

Above all Productivity Hacks helps everybody to become more productive and as well as improve their workflow and that’s all. If you are interested in buying a 5G phone but don’t know what to buy then simply go to Best 5G Phones to consider Buying and get the best 5G phone available in the market now.

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