10 Useful Everyday Apps to Must Have

When it comes to the apps I use, there is no general guideline. Finding the greatest ones for me, not for anyone else, is my responsibility. Here is a list of around 10 apps that I have been using frequently since 2012 on various devices and they are very useful everyday apps to must have, including tablets (Google Chrome, Android, etc.) and cellphones (Apple iPhone, iPads, Samsung Galaxy phones). It can seem overwhelming, but I’ve divided it into two sections: social media and productivity.
Here I am sharing 10 amazing apps we use in our everyday routine.
Let’s jump into it.
useful everyday apps

10 Useful Everyday Apps to Must Have

1- Twitter

Twitter has been around forever, and using it is free unless you want a paid or private account. So even though I didn’t tweet much in 2018, it was still plenty for my needs in 2020. Like everyone else, I frequently find myself retweeting memes on politics and other unrelated issues. I prefer the hashtag #WeAllGoThroughThis. On certain occasions.

2- Instagram

I think it’s safe to say nobody uses Instagram any way they choose except for a select few people. But, for most folks, it’s an extension of themselves. It allows you to post photos — sometimes just pictures of yourself — and lets you tag anybody you want. It supports pretty much all forms of content editing and editing. I’ve seen people add videos to posts to show someone how they did something at the spa or videos of a particular event or concert they attended. It allows you to follow more than 1 account, which is nice. And most importantly, it integrates with Facebook and others.

3- Google Drive

Google Drive is one of the most powerful productivity applications out there. It’s easy to navigate, organizes things, and gives you complete control over your data. If anything goes wrong in this app, be sure to recover quickly, just like everything else in life. It is an amazing app. Anyone can take benefit from this.

4- Quora

Despite my slight prejudice, I always like reading the questions that users have asked and the responses that they have received. Your days can be improved by asking questions, especially if you want to learn more from others. Some Quora websites are so well known that the search box appears on your computer screen as “quora.com/.” Yes, it is more helpful to type the question before searching for an answer on Quora than to type it into a browser box.

5- LinkedIn

Though not quite as popular as Quora, it is more accessible on smartphones. Less than Quora as well. On my Mac, I have a specific LinkedIn profile or even a different login that I use primarily for dealing with students or coworkers that use Microsoft Office. Additionally, for networking reasons. LinkedIn is a gold mine of opportunities for many people. It is one of my favourite apps.

6- Skype

Until I heard a buddy announce that he would move to Skype, I never believed anything could replace the actual world. There was no need to go back because he had already recorded everything, I required in his notes on his outdated Windows 8 computer. or so I believed. It turned out that Skype was more than just a fun phone app; we could access it using any of our standard web browsers. I had to install it on my own after signing up for cloud services like Netflix, Spotify, YouTube, Vimeo, Yahoo Messenger, Microsoft Teams, and Hangouts through Hulu. Still, luckily someone supplied the URL so I could use it straight away. I haven’t changed since then.

7- WhatsApp

Should I even begin with an introduction? Over one billion people use the messaging app, which was introduced in 2009 and has grown in popularity. Being in touch has become quite simple. You can use cellular data to make video calls and Whatsapp calls, even if your friends or family are located abroad. It functions just as well on laptops and computers as on mobile devices.

The Facebook-Jio alliance has received some shocking news, and I do not doubt that there will be many more features added soon.

8- Cam Scanner – Phone PDF Creator / Scanner

I’ve been using Cam Scanner, my all-time favourite app, for over a year. It is the most popular app worldwide for document sharing and scanning, and Time magazine listed it as one of the top 50 apps. This software has been downloaded over 100,000,000+ times from 200 countries on the Google Play store alone. There have also been comparable downloads from the Apple Store.

With the New Version Cam Scanner, you will receive a more enriched document image. All registered users can instantly view documents that match the chosen tag and automatically recognize text in photos. You may scan, store, sync, and collaborate on various content with the aid of Cam Scanner. They have just started providing several filters for the scanned document as well.

9- Google Maps

If Google Maps is left off this list of helpful smartphone apps, it is not a complete list! The world’s most widely used and cost-free navigation app can provide precise directions to your location. Okay, so travelling between locations has become much more manageable. STOP stopping by and requesting instructions from uninvited guests! Your virtual guide to the ideal location in the smallest amount of time is Google Maps. It will simultaneously propose the quickest routes and display potential delays in real-time traffic.

10- Lumosity

In the field of brain training science, Lumosity is hailed as a pioneer. You may test your brain with the help of Lumosity’s scientifically created training. In other words, this website—used by more than 50 million individuals worldwide—trains your memory and attention. With the new version 2.92 of our customized training program, you will receive the unrelenting quest for perfection.

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