Telegram VS WhatsApp: Which one is better in 2022?

As we all know that there is a lot of advancement in technology which leads us to many instant messenger applications. Telegram s WhatsApp Choosing between these two messaging applications is very challenging so far. In this article, we will be going through both similarities and dissimilarities between these two apps and helps you to identify which is better for personal use as well as for professional use.

The discussion between the two apps is based on various aspects of security, and privacy features of these apps. Given below is everything related to Telegram VS WhatsApp.

Telegram VS WhatsApp Introduction:

Telegram VS WhatsApp


Nikolai and Pavel Durov these two have established the Telegram Messaging app in the year 2013. These two brothers also resigned from the Russian Social firm after it was acquired by the Group. The telegram is a very simple and also easy messenger that consists of lots of features. There are also built-in stickers and emojis for the user’s interaction as well.

Apart from it, there are also lots of new functionalities and you will also find lots of innovations in Telegram like Secret Chat, media compression, bots, cloud storage, and also multi-platform support.

More than 1 Billion users have installed the Telegram app for their use. This app also offers excellent security to the data of its users and also takes very much effort to protect the privacy of the users. Telegram is a Cloud-based messenger app and also it offers an open API to carry out development and integration based on the need of users.

You can also send nearly 30 messages in a second and also the encrypted channels provide higher security to your data and also prevent it from hacking. This app has also acted as one of the best instant messaging apps that serves the user’s both professionally and personally.

Telegram VS WhatsApp


WhatsApp is the most widely used messaging app all around the world. This app was acquired by Mark Zuckerburg who is also known as the expert mind of Facebook. There are also lots of Controversies that started after the Cambridge Analytica data breach issue. Also, the Security terms of WhatsApp become the biggest threat to its users.

But despite all of the controversies, WhatsApp is one of the most renowned messenger apps in the digital space. The simple and the comfort interface of WhatsApp attract most users in no time.

There were a lot of features including GIFs, stickers, video calls, picture messaging, emojis, and also attaching a wide range of files which grabbed the attention of users in no time.

The simple and attractive interface of WhatsApp impresses its users and also they feel very much comfortable accessing the controls. You can also customize your chat space and also make it more attractive as per your needs. This is known as one of the best and most well-known messenger apps which are conquering the communication channel worldwide. More than 5 Billion have installed WhatsApp.

Difference Between Telegram and WhatsApp:

If you take a closer look at these two messenger apps you will find many differences. This particular section will help you to choose between these two apps easily and wisely.

Telegram provides its user more reliable end-to-end encryption technique to secure the message and also there is self–destructive property of messages in Telegram as well.

In WhatsApp, you can set a specific time limit to send the message and it will also appear for a specific period of time and then will disappear automatically. Although WhatsApp provides end-to-end encryption but also in the past investigation reported that spy malware is collecting the data of WhatsApp users without their knowledge.

There is also a bot built-in installed in Telegram and you don’t need to install it separately while if we talk about WhatsApp it doesn’t give us the feature of Bots. In the Telegram app, you can have unlimited file sharing but for WhatsApp, there is no such feature. Telegram can also handle any type of file and also sent it to its destination very easily.

In WhatsApp, there is a group limit of 256 members only but if we talk about Telegram it offers 200,000 members in a single group.
Telegram users can send files up to size1.5 GB but WhatsApp restricts its users for large file sharing.

Telegram VS WhatsApp Security and Privacy:

The main reason why most of the users were switching to Telegram from WhatsApp was also the poor Security and Privacy features of WhatsApp.

The WhatsApp group link can be searched on Google and can be joined by also anyone also in WhatsApp you can easily see someone’s number and it will easily reveal their privacy and reveal their identity while in telegram you can show only your name while you are chatting and also it provides better and more secure end-to-end encryption and also helps you to make your identity more safe and secure.

The security of Telegram is also way more secure and better than WhatsApp and that is why most users who were concerned about their privacy were switching to Telegram from WhatsApp also users make themselves safer and more secure in Telegram as compared to WhatsApp.

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