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7 Top Interesting Facts about Twitter

As we know Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms but what you don’t know is that there are over 300 million active users logging in at least a month. Mana of the users of Twitter know the basics about Twitter, such as the character limit for Twitter tweets is 280 characters, but there are also many interesting facts that most people won’t have heard about before. Whether it’s fun facts or staggering statistics about how Twitter was created as a Social Media platform for people.

7 interesting facts about Twitter

Here are 7 interesting facts about Twitter which are given below.

1- Twitter’s first Hashtag was introduced in 2007.

That’s the historic fact about Twitter, the person who is responsible for introducing the famous hashtags into our digital world is Chris Messina.

The reason for which hashtags are designed is that they will help users connect to a particular topic or theme and are often used during conferences and events to help people find posts about the same things. At first, when the initiative was taken to introduce the Hashtags there were many doubts about whether the hashtag would become popular with the users of the internet since they appeared too technical and also “nerdy”.

However, now any user of social media who know about hashtag has now spilled it into Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, and many advertising materials worldwide.
If Chris Messina had patented the idea of Hashtag he must have made a large amount of money from it.
But he was more interested in ensuring that the users could use the hashtags freely so the idea would catch up quickly.

2. Almost 350,000 Tweets are posted every minute.

That’s one of the interesting facts about Twitter an average of 350,000 new tweets are posted on Twitter every single minute. And by this, we equate to more than 500 million tweets in a single day and that’s lots of words.
It might seem like a very large quantity, but by comparison, Facebook has an average of 3 million new posts per minute. And that is almost 10 times as many as Twitter.

3. The Original Idea for a name was “FriendStalker.”

That’s one of the most interesting facts about Twitter, As all of the users of Twitter know that Twitter definitely allows them to “Stalk” celebrities and friends by scrolling through the post they have made and also seeing what they have been talking about, this could have been a completely different brand had the name “FriendsStalker” won in the end. The name was also suggested by one of the co-founders of Twitter. His name was Evan Williams.

Another co-found of Twitter named Noah Glass later began searching a dictionary for a similar to ‘Twitch’ and came across Twitter for a similar to ‘Twitch’ and came across Twitter.

4. You are a better person if you follow Pope on Twitter. (This was according to the Vatican)

The Catholic Church and the Vatican claim that there are many things that you can do in order to reduce your time spent in purgatory and become a better person. This includes giving to the poor, saying the daily prayers, and helping others. making it one of the interesting and religious facts about Twitter.

In 2013, the Vatican has announced another way by which you can achieve this by following the Pope and also keeping up with their live events such as Catholic World Youth Day on Twitter.

5. The famous Blue Bird Twitter is called Larry.

The people who used Twitter on daily basis even don’t know that the name of the bluebird of Twitter is Larry. As we know that Twitter’s beginnings were back in 2006, but Larry’s name was not confirmed until early 2012.
While the people have also questioned and also speculated about whether Larry the bird had its name or not, it was then confirmed by Ryan Sarver in a tweet, a Twitter Manager. That’s also one of the facts about Twitter.

6. Barak Obama has the most followers on Twitter.

Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, and Rihanna all have to boast millions of o followers on Twitter and they are also top 5 most popular Twitter accounts. But Barak Obama is the one who claims to be the crown of Twitter. That’s also one of the interesting facts about Twitter.
Barak Obama joined Twitter in 2011, and as of 2022, he has 132 million followers.

Also, there is one additional issue that many people have noticed there is a large percentage of fake followers on the Celebrity’s account and also Justin Bieber’s following is only thought to be 50 percent real accounts.
In addition to this issue of fake and real accounts on Twitter, many users of Twitter who have followed celebrities are not very active on Twitter.

7. The Very First Tweet was posted on March 21, 2006.

The first person to post anything to Twitter was Jack Dorsey, that’s one of the historic facts about Twitter, One of Twitter’s co-founders. Back in those days, the founders referred to it as “twttr”, by following the trend of the early 2000s in removing the vowels and also shortening the word.

The first tweet was posted by Jack Dorsey at 9:50 pm and it read “Just setting up my twttr.” The Social media site was not released to the public until July 15, 2006.

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